Monday, March 7, 2011

Better, but not enough!

Well, HBO and Entertainment Weekly have given us a new trailer to view and enjoy, featuring some great new footage - and thankfully including one terrific shot of Sophie/Sansa:

Not sure what I've messed up with formatting here - but eventually I'll figure stuff like this out, I guess. Maybe in time for when the show actually starts.
If you want to view the entire new EW trailer, its HERE

Also, if you check out Mr. Martin's Not-A-Blog, you can read the latest about the 15 minute "Sneak Peak" HBO will offer 2 weeks before the show debuts.  Maybe someone at HBO is listening, and we can get at least a few great scenes of Sansa! 

1 comment:

  1. great screen capture, but I think your error was the way you copied and/or pasted. Should be easily correctable once you figure that out.

    This is a great blog, I hope you can keep up all the posting once the show begins. Sophie looks like a star in the making.