Monday, January 24, 2011

An Improved Screen Shot and More Praise for Sophie/Sansa

Stolen from the pages of The Educated Pony, comes this wonderful blurb about Sansa's costuming, and how terrific Sophie looks in this role.  Couldn't agree any more with the statement that Sophie "is going to be a scene stealer. big time."
And in addition to the commentary, they managed to get an improved screen shot of the image I posted last week:
Here's the blurb from the educated pony, in its entirety:

     "*Sansa* remains my “best dressed” of game of thrones, so far, of course. i mean, the care that is obviously given to her look is so needed in order to properly represent the character. sansa puts so much stock into how she looks and i think we are really seeing that here. the hair just kills me, the high neckline too. and in the family shot, the part in the hair with the braids, the grey cloak. just gorgeous. mark my words this girl is going to be a scene stealer. big time."

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  1. awesome to see the internet appreciation for this character. and here's hoping Sophie gets embraced as well for her role, she looks so perfect I can't believe it.