Monday, February 7, 2011

Sansa and Siblings (some at least)

From Mr. Martin's "Not A Blog" and also featured at "Winter Is Coming" comes this terrific picture of Sansa (Sophie) and her younger "siblings" Maisie Williams and Isaac Hempstead-Wright   (Arya and Bran, respectively) hanging out together during their "off-season."  Also featured is Lady the Direwolf, actually Zunni the dog, adopted by the Turner family after the season wrapped.  Here's hoping for many years of these "siblings" having the chance to spend time together on and off set, as the series continues!!


  1. Wow, this girl is EXACTLY the image of Sansa I've had in my head for years. Amazing. I've never liked all the fan art I've seen of Sansa, this girl is way more beautiful and perfect for this role. Just an amazing find by the casting folks at HBO! I couldnt agree more that Sophie is more likely to turn "anti Sansa" readers into much more sympathetic viewers now.

  2. Sympathetic? Not to me, I still cringe at how much of a complete fool Sansa is in each episode!